All Champs Registrations, follow instructions below:

Login Instructions (you must be logged in to register for Champs programs)
  1. If you are a member you should have an existing account.
  2. Click here to Recover Password.
  3. Enter the email address associated with your member account and click Send Password.
  4. If you receive the "Check your email!" message, continue on to step #5.  If you receive the "Sorry, no names were found with this email address" message, please email Wilfrance Lominy ( for further assistance.
  5. Check your email for your generated password.
  6. Return to this page and click Login in the top right.
  7. Enter email and password and click Login.
  8. Select the Champs program link below and complete registration.
  9. (Optional) Once you login you can change your password by clicking My Info in the top right, entering new password, and clicking Update Profile to save.

Full Time Training Contract

Full Time School Contract

Part Time Academy Contract

Part Time School Contract

After School Academy Contract

Junior Champs 1 Training Contract 

Junior Champs 2 Training Contract

Future Champs-coming soon